Newsletter 03/11/2016

The second meeting of the radio amateurs of LARC was very well attended on the 2nd of November last. So many thanks to all those who attended.

Web site address : –

It was an eventful evening with special thanks to Lee G0DBE and his assistants (inc Ron G4DIY) who gave a splendid talk about aerials and his channel island expeditions. They had set up a number
of exhibits including a full 40m vertical aerial system outside in the cold. He gave some excellent and useful tips about aerial erection and their use, with a complete station set up.

A big welcome to all those new members who attended the meeting. We added our first lady operator, Tina M3MUM to the members list who is the station manager of Ian 2E1CYS. Perhaps her presence may entice other YL operators to visit the LARC club.

There were further names added to the prospective members list, including Derek 2E0DEX whose email I do not have, perhaps another member can inform me of his Email and I can send him info.
An old friend Peter 2E0DKO who is the junior of one time splendid 20m CW operator Joe G3IQO sadly now SK. Also a warm welcome to Kevin 2E0XDJ, and Phil G0DOR, Gordon G4VYR, Joey
M3IJD, Jay M3VCV, plus our oldest visitor to date, Don G3OSI still looking very sprightly with his many turns on the coil.
Further news includes the discussion of the intended affiliation with RSGB also some names were suggested as to a possible member to assist in secretarial matters.
A small voluntary donation was levied with the view that it would be prudent to have a small kitty of money which would be used in for instance the RSGB affiliation which would also bring a number of benefits, such as public protection cover and a club copy of Rad Com magazine.
It has also been proposed that the club could extend its meetings to take place every fortnight and to that end the next meeting is scheduled to be on the 16th of November next.

One final thing, someone left their Email address as and no call sign added on the sheet, but Gmail has sent it back as an error. So if that’s you perhaps you could Email with the correct details ?

I would like to request of any of the members if they have any questions or queries, either in relation to LARC or other matters perhaps of a technical nature or maybe to do with an aerial
problem, they can Email me or grab my attention at the meetings and I will be happy to respond, or they can Email Paul :

As the Chair-person designate, I have produced these Liverpool Amateur Radio Club newsletters and notes which I have sent out via Emails and perhaps members may wish to read their newsletter
on the LARC website or I can continue to send them via Email. Perhaps people could indicate which method they prefer ?

Enjoy your radio operating and may you have clear signals, and low aerial SWR

from Andy G3PKW :

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